Quality Sourced Materials

When it comes to quality, Merax prides itself in keeping up to date with the highest caliber of materials to make for quality products equipped with optimum functionality making them built to last the test of time. Acquired from the coast of Eastern Asia in developed regions within China, our materials are sourced from distributors that that have decades of experience in specialized production and are expertly matched with the creation of our products to create. At Merax we only allow the best materials that meet our stringent standards to make up our goods, creating a final product that our consumers know and love.

Wood is a natural material, it is taken directly from the natural, with low production costs, low energy consumption, non-toxic, non-polluting and so on.

The wood has a natural and beautiful pattern, it is good to be used as furniture and decorative materials, and the wood also has good texture and insulation, which is a safer material.

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced at manufacturing scales ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

People use leather to make various goods—including clothing, bookbinding, leather wallpaper, and as a furniture covering. It is produced in a wide variety of types and styles, decorated by a wide range of techniques.

Fiber is a natural or synthetic substance that is significantly longer than it is wide. Fibers are often used in the manufacture of other materials.

Synthetic fibers can often be produced very cheaply and in large amounts compared to natural fibers, but for furniture natural fibers can give some benefits, such as comfort, over their harvest counterparts.

Metal is a material (an element, compound,or alloy) that is specific hard, opaque, shiny, and has good electrical and thermal conductivity.

In the small room, the most suitable for the selection is glass furniture, because the glass permeability, it can reduce the senses of oppression.

People always think that glass furniture makes no sense of security. Nowadays the glass material has a breakthrough in the thickness and transparency, so that the glass furniture has more decorative effect.