International Presence

Being a long established brand for over 10 years, Merax has experienced astronomical success in both the United States and Canada, utilizing its quality Merax signature products to subsequently convert users into a solid loyal fan base.

Leveraging this foundation of success, the brand has made necessary adjustments that geographically dispersed their supply chain allowing the brand to extend their international presence overseas resulting in substantial influence in both Germany and Japan through establishing successful E-commerce platforms that house the wide variety of Merax Signature products.

Following a consistent growth trajectory, Merax is on track to even further expand their brand and successfully permeate various regions internationally so the brand may continue to advance and have a worldwide impact, becoming an emerging global competitor in new markets. Using the allure of classic generalized products with a modern edge that target multiple facets of the everyday lives of consumers, Merax prides itself in the capabilities of its products to have a global appeal across all cultural borders, making it a brand that can easily assimilate and thrive in a wide variety of consumer environments.

Propelled by offices in North America, East Asia and Europe consisting of an international team of vibrant employees collaborating with global strategies and innovative ideas, the very core of Merax operations is global making it well equipped in its endeavors towards expansion as a multinational brand.