Product Variety

Branded with the classic Merax Signature, Merax products are known for satisfying a variety of needs with having upwards of 500 different products that suit an array of consumer demands, ensuring that the brand has a diversified offering so there is something for everyone, no matter what taste.

Specialized categories comprised of Merax Signature products are Home & Office Furniture, Sports & Fitness, Pets & Kids and travel, as denoted by their accompanying branded names Merax Home, Merax Office, Merax Fit, Merax Pet, Merax Kids and Merax Travel. Products within each Merax category are carefully selected and designed using only the highest quality standards to ensure consumers are getting the best products that are tailored to their matching category. The heightened scope of Merax combined with constant proliferation of product offerings make the brand a key player in multiple markets, significantly increasing market share.

Office & Home

Merax Office supplies primarily emphasize both computer tables and computer chairs that are constructed with simplicity in mind, supported by modern designs, precision in overall physical structure and the use of high-quality sourced materials. The combination of these foundational attributes aid in creating products known for their practicality and attractive appearance, making them a prime choice for office and study spaces.

The brand's General Home Furniture line mainly includes classic home furniture pieces such as dining tables, sofas, TV stands and the like. Highlighted by specialized features for each home furniture category, such as their vibrant colors, solid structure and expert upholstery, the brand's General Home Furniture line offers a varied quality selection of products for home use.

Travel & Fitness

The Travel sector within the Merax brand focuses on multi-set suitcases that include a variety of specialized features such as ergonomic aluminum telescoping handles, multi-directional spinner wheels and TSA security locks. Signature color and size diversification aid in meeting an array of travel needs with solid PC + ABS materials to provide essential structure.

The Fitness category of the Merax brand provides an array of products to promote active lifestyles and physical health. Supplying a range of cardio and strength training equipment such as treadmills, outdoor bicycles and indoor fitness bikes, the brand's fitness products have been constructed with biomechanical and physical mechanical design to create functional equipment that provide a reliable source of exercise.

Pets & Kids

Merax Pet products feature accessories for dogs, cats and small animals, ranging from pet beds, cat activity trees, dog cages and small animal outdoor hutches. Products are made from a variety of standard approved materials such as Natural Cedar Wood, Compressed Fiber Board, Natural Sisal Rope and sourced fabrics to provide safety and durability for normal use.

The Kids category of the Merax brand places a strong emphasis on providing quality products that encourage cognitive and developmental growth in children through play. With a large offering that mainly revolves around children's bikes and scooters, products typically serve the age range of 6-12 years old.