About Us

Founded in 1995 in Los Angeles, California, Merax prides itself in providing innovative products that help enhance and simplify the lives of the modern consumer through offering a full range of all-inclusive specialized products that fall under the categories of home, office, pets, travel, fitness and kids, all of which are internationally sourced from the global market.

Guided by the company spirit of pushing the boundaries of modern day thinking, Merax is motivated by the overarching goal of providing consumers a solution to every possible need through the utilization of Merax Signature products, crafted specifically for high performance and maximum efficiency in their respective category to exceed industry standards.

With offices in China, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Tokyo, and the UK, Merax strives to utilize its expansive platform to further propel its global success and ground breaking product development to continue providing consumers with an unprecedented online shopping experience through offering products for daily use in all aspects of life, globally connecting consumers with experiences to remember.