Merax Travel

The Travel sector within the Merax brand focuses on multi-set suitcases that include a variety of specialized features such as ergonomic aluminum telescoping handles, multi-directional spinner wheels and TSA security locks. Signature color and size diversification aid in meeting an array of both creativity and travel needs with solid PC + ABS materials to provide essential structure. 

Top 5 Best Merax Luggage in 2017 Reviews

5. Merax Luggage 3 Piece Set Expandable Spinner with TSA Lock Suitcase PC+ABS with 4 Wheels

It is available in subtle colors. Also the finishing gives a professional look. Very suited for business trip. It has 4 wheels which roll in all direction. It is very flexible and it has ease movement. It has TSA secure lock, one that is easy to set a code for protection. It is made of durable PC + ABS material. It comes in set of 3, and has expandable feature that provide more space for your stuff.

4. Merax Travel house Luggage 3 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

The telescopic handle is made outside the luggage, creating more space for your goods. It is available in different colors and has a durable, ergonomic, telescopic handle made of aluminum. It has multidirectional movement for ease movement. It has an expanded function that creates more space for your goods. It also comes in set of 3 that have different capacities depending on your trip.

3. Merax Travel house 3 Piece PC+ABS Spinner Luggage Set with TSA Lock

If you love expressing yourself in everything you do. This is the best luggage set to have. It is very reliable, functional and very comfortable to use. It is light weight yet durable, it is made of PC +ABS material. It has 3 step aluminum telescopic handle making it easy to pull. It has multi-directional wheels that do not make those annoying noises. It also has TSA secure lock which one can easily reset a code.

2. Merax MT Imagine Luggage 3 Piece Spinner Set

It is light weight and has capacity which is enough for your stuff. It comes in a set of 3. They have different capacity that one can choose from depending on the trip. It has multi directional wheel which is very useful for ease movement. The spinner wheel do not make any noises whatsoever. It is scratch resistant due to the ABS material. It also has sturdy telescopic handle.

1. Merax Travel house 2 Piece ABS Luggage Set Vintage Suitcase

The best gift to give your loved ones. It has multi pockets to give enough space for your files as well as other stuff. It is durable because of the ABS material. It comes in a set of 2(20" and 24"). Comes in unique color hence easy to detect it from a far distance. The handle is made of aluminum which makes it durable. It has multi-directional wheels for ease movement.

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